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MARKETING MONDAY – Quality Promotional Products Make a Lasting Impression

Because quality promotional products make a lasting impression on people, they are a wonderful way to compliment a company’s brand. According to a PPAI study, 90% of recipients can recall a company’s brand and 80% say that their impression of the brand was enhanced after receiving a branded product. For this reason, it is important to work with a professional promotional representative when selecting your branded... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – The 6 Musts of a Successful Holiday Marketing Campaign

Fall is upon us, with the holidays waiting right around the corner. Holidays are a perfect time to connect with your prospects and celebrate those feelings of camaraderie, gratitude and interconnectedness. Marketers can leverage these feelings to deeply engage with their customers on an emotional level and build trust and credibility. The holidays are a popular time to market, so it’s important to put a lot of thought into your holiday marketing campaign. You want to appeal to everyday emotions while also standing out from the crowd. There’s a lot of spending that occurs during the holidays — the trick is to get your customers to spend with you and not your competitors. Here are six musts of a successful holiday marketing campaign: 1. Plan a personalized campaign. Instead of hoping your customers will be seen with your products and spread the word, why not take the next step and let them physically insert themselves into your ad? OfficeMax saw an enormous boon using this strategy with the “Elf Yourself” social-media campaign. The site drew 193 million visits and continues to evolve with new characters, dances and animated graphics.  Personalize your own ad campaign by allowing customers to get involved and put themselves in the mix. The more innovative and fun the experience is, the more likely they are to share it on social media and beyond. 2. Get your staff involved. Studies show there is only a 2 to 8 percent overlap between employee and company social networks. In other words, getting your staff involved can exponentially boost your marketing campaign’s effectiveness. Some companies feature their staffs directly in commercials, while others simply encourage their... read more

Thinking about doing a billboard? Here are some tips.

Uncluttered billboards usually achieve greater success. Ideally, your billboard design should consist of just 3 main components: A compelling image / photo A unique, benefit laden, emotionally charged headline Your name / logo / contact info Keep it SIMPLE. Prospects are zipping by at 70+ M.P.H. They have only 5-10 seconds to notice, become engaged by and process your message.... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – Men’s Hat Trends: Autumn/Winter 2017

Men’s Hat Trends: Autumn/Winter 2017 As with every season, there are 4 overarching trends. The first trend is full of soft pastels and greys with hipster inspiration. The trend has a handcrafted feel at a mass produced level. The second style consists of deep earth tones, predominately reds, browns, and greens. Earth elements like wood grains, fire, and recyclable materials are used throughout. The third trend revolves around an active lifestyle and performance fabrics. Reflective and metallic elements on grey-scale garments are common. The final style also uses a lot of pastels. Retro looks are met with modern technology and bright pops of color and texture. Keep your Brand relevant and current by knowing the popular trends. Source: Outdoor... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – Create Content for Humans not Search Engines

Create Content for Humans not Search Engines When creating content for your website, blog, social mediate etc. it is important to produce content that interests your users. WHY? With advancement in machine learning, search engines and application are producing results aligned with human thinking and behavior, not just algorithms and keywords. WHAT’S THE BENEFIT? People will actually read your content People don’t amor your content because it ranks on Google.  They favor your content because it speaks to them and resonates with them. You will rank higher on search engines If online users favor your contact, Google will reward you and favor it too. Build trust with your audience People are looking for businesses run by real people they can trust.  If you sound like a robot, you’re not only not going to resonate with your audience; you’re going to look like you’re more interested in ranking on Google than you are in helping them out.   Source:... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – What Can My Sign Do For me?

Nearly 75% of consumers indicated that they had told others about a business simply based on its signage. About 68% of consumers believe that a business’ signage reflects the quality of its products or services. Roughly 60% of businesses reported that changing the design or enhancing the visibility of their signage had a positive impact on sales, number of transactions and profits, with an average increase of about... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – 5 Things to Not Do in Direct Mail

5 Things to Not Do in Direct Mail Font The most important thing in your direct mail is the ability for your audience to read it. If they can’t read it, they throw it away. When considering what font to use, make sure that it is easily read. Do not pick what you consider a fun and whimsical font; it makes your copy hard to read. Let your design and images do the eye-catching work. Your copy’s job is to sell your product or service, not look decorative. Your font size matters, too, so make it larger. Lie Your direct mail should never lie to people or as some people put it, stretch the truth. Always be open and honest about your product or service. You may get a sale under false pretenses, but you will lose your reputation and business in the long run. Your customers and prospects expect better from you. There are plenty of ways to create direct mail that works without being shady. Old List Old data is bad data. People and businesses move all the time. If you have a list that is three years or older without having ever been cleaned, don’t use it. Beyond the fact that addresses change, people and their circumstances change, too. Sending to people who are not there or no longer interested is a waste of money. There are ways you can clean it up, or you can purchase a new list of similar people. Keeping your data fresh means that you can correctly target the people most interested in your product or service. No or Unclear Call-to-Action... read more


Wearables The number one requested promotional product, wearables can be seen everywhere. From top to bottom, hats to shoes, when it comes to promoting your brand, wearables travel with your customer giving your brand extraordinary exposure. Fall is a good time to give caps. There are lots of fun ways to decorate caps and showcase your brand.... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – Choosing a Sign Company

Need a sign? A friend says “I know a guy”. Well much more goes into sign creation then just painting some wood and putting it on the side of your building. Getting that valuable sign is a matter of locating and working with a good sign company. They will help you analyze your building and needs, understand the potential revenue you might generate, discuss legal and zoning issues, get the permits, and help design and then install the sign. Be sure you check that the company is licensed, insured, has references, and registered with your city.... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – Do I even need a sign for my business?

Think about fast food restaurants – McDonald’s for instance. They always have big, bold signs, right? In fact, McDonald’s spends, on average, $40,000 on signage for every store. Why? Because studies have shown that that $40,000 can generate up to $600,000 in sales. A recent survey (over 10 years) of businesses who had installed a new sign looked at the source of new customers. 45% of those new customers said they came into the business for the first time because of the sign.   Source: Steve Strauss USA... read more