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MARKETING MONDAY – Outdoor Signage

Your business signs tell the customer a lot about you. If your signs are clean and well-maintained, customers will have positive expectations about your business. Your signs should do more than announce where you are. They should create anticipation on the part of the customer. Source... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – Can a Company Store work for your business?

Can a Company Store work for your business? If your business has multiple sales representatives that want branded items but you want to insure the quality, integrity of your logo and color matches, it may be a good fit. How it works: A company selects certain products, ranging from pens to wearables, that are put on a website that employees can access. From that website they can purchase the “approved” items, pay for them and have them shipped directly to the sales representative.  Easy and you know that your logo and brand is not placed on something that does not represent your company.... read more


A sign should always be neat and bright and should convey the promise of your brand, convey the high standards of your business! A sign that is damaged or faded may fail to convey your brand.... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – Integrate Your Campaigns

Print and digital really are like chocolate and peanut butter, they simply compliment one other beautifully. If you haven’t been integrating your campaigns, you’re missing out on increased reach potential. You should be advertising your print pieces on your social media pages and including social media icons and addresses on your print marketing materials. Just be sure your brand has the same look and core message across all channels.   Source: Media Space... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – Event Promotional Items

Identifying and targeting your potential customer is the name of the game. If there are specific events that attract your targeted group this is where you want to spend your promotional dollars. Golf tournaments offer a  wonderful opportunity to make contact with the upscale customer with disposable income. Many golf tournaments are also fundraisers for specific causes. If you can partner the cause with the customer you can maximize your impact. Promotional products for Golf have various price points to fit any budget. Golf tees, balls, divot tools and towels are just a few.... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – Effective Business Signage

Effective Business Signage: 6 Factors What’s the first thing that prospective customers see when they approach your business? Your signage tells them where you are, draws their attention and attracts them into your business (or possibly drives them away). Summing up your business brand for the world to see, your business signage creates that all-important first impression. How can you ensure it’s a good one? Whether you’re developing signage for a new business, or updating signage for an existing business, here are some things to consider. What are the constraints affecting signage in your area? Your city’s local zoning ordinances will typically govern the type of signage a business can have. For instance, there may be restrictions on the size of a sign, how it can be lighted and even the colors used. Your business location (such as a strip center, mall or downtown pedestrian area) may have its own restrictions. For instance, in one shopping center near my home, all businesses’ signs have to use the same font and a limited palette of colors to create a more uniform look. What do you want to include in your sign? Your sign is a 24/7 branding tool, so ideally, you want to include your business logo and use your business’s color palette so that your signage harmonizes with the other visual aspects of your brand. However, if you have a complex logo or can’t use it for other reasons (such as zoning restrictions), try to at least use fonts and colors that tie in with your brand. Think practical. We’ve all seen examples of the business whose store sign... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – Email Marketing vs Social Media

  There is a heated debate inside marketing circles right now about whether email marketing (EM) or social media marketing (SMM) is a better option when it comes to focusing your marketing efforts.  Recent research suggests that the question in and of itself may be steering you in the wrong... read more

MARKETING MONDAY- How Personalized Maps Add Value to Your Direct Mail

Geomarketing uses data – one of the most essential factors in direct mail success – to grab the attention of prospects and customers in the mailbox. It uses finely- tailored lists and highly-personalized maps to let marketers save money and time by focusing only on people who live within a specific distance of a business’s geographic location, and then, shows them the exact route to get there. Recommendations Marketers should take advantage of the “mail moment” by using geomarketing to leverage the incredible power of location in their direct mail efforts in many different industry verticals and audiences. GEOservices allows marketers to hone their direct mail efforts by focusing their lists only on those prospects physically closest to their location and suppress those that don’t qualify, saving costs in print and postage. Personalized maps – which show consumers exactly how to travel from their home to your businesses – are a powerful way to stand out with a printed direct mail campaign. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the markets to tap: Retail Stores – easily the single largest and most diverse group of companies selling merchandise and services to the public, from apparel, jewelry, and home furnishings to electronics, hardware, and groceries; other possibilities: salons, fitness clubs, dry cleaners, garden centers, and warehouse stores Financial Services – banks, insurance agencies, tax and investment advisors and brokers Community Institutions – universities, schools, churches, government agencies and offices Hospitality and Travel – hotels, restaurants, travel agencies Entertainment and Culture – theaters, museums, zoos Automotive Dealerships & Service Centers Source: How Personalized Maps Add Value to Your Direct Mail by Paul... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – Desk Essentials Promotional Products

74% of people have at least one Promotional Product in their desk. Desk essentials are the perfect way to generate multiple daily impressions and keep your message at their fingertips. These scissors would make a perfect item to gift your clients. Functional.  Magnetic.  Sharp.  Utility Scissors with Magnetic Holder.  Stainless steel construction, serrated edge blades, jar lid opener/gripper, magnetic, full color, plastic blade... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – Special Occasions

Don’t forget about large attractions or special events being held in your area.  They bring in many local folks that might not know about your business. Find local events and community gatherings like parades to create awareness for your business.  See if you can rent a booth or be part of sponsorship... read more