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MARKETING MONDAY – Desk Essentials Promotional Products

74% of people have at least one Promotional Product in their desk. Desk essentials are the perfect way to generate multiple daily impressions and keep your message at their fingertips. These scissors would make a perfect item to gift your clients. Functional.  Magnetic.  Sharp.  Utility Scissors with Magnetic Holder.  Stainless steel construction, serrated edge blades, jar lid opener/gripper, magnetic, full color, plastic blade... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – Special Occasions

Don’t forget about large attractions or special events being held in your area.  They bring in many local folks that might not know about your business. Find local events and community gatherings like parades to create awareness for your business.  See if you can rent a booth or be part of sponsorship... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – Promotional Products Case Study

Promotional products are important to grow your business. Here is a case study that serves as a great example of successfully integrating promotional products into your business plan. Description: First Aid Kit Industry: Insurance What it was purchased for: A major insurance company wanted a visual product to remind people of the need for safety and preparing, that would entice them to come in for a quote. How it was distributed: The  First Aid Kit was sent out in a mass mailer with a message about being prepared. Result or ROI: The campaign was so successful a repeat mailing has been done almost monthly for the past... read more


A sign should always be neat and bright and should convey the promise of your brand, convey the high standards of your business, your differentiation.  A sign board that is damaged or smudged may fail to convey your brand. read more

MARKETING MONDAY – 7 Essentials for Any 2018 Digital Marketing Strategy

7 Essentials for Any 2018 Digital Marketing Strategy Digital marketing strategy is crucial to most modern businesses. Is yours following these best practices? In today’s tech landscape, a solid digital marketing strategy has become the CMO’s new bread and butter; the only question now is how to best serve it up. Your business’s success depends on the right type of strategy, and the right type of strategy can in turn lead to higher sales, new customers, and long-term growth. Traditional online advertising is a thing of the past. Why? Bottom line, it’s more annoying than effective. One study found that 18- to 34-year-olds are likely to ignore online banner and digital ads more than those on TV and radio or in newspapers. What’s more, 54 percent of internet users don’t click on banner ads simply because they don’t trust them. It’s now a CMO’s job to stay ahead of the digital marketing curve, keep up-to-date on trends, and break through the clutter. Here are seven tips to optimize your digital marketing strategy. 1. Prioritize customer needs over bells and whistles. While your team is consumed with building your web presence and developing your product or service, it’s easy to lose sight of the customer you want to target. “When building a brand online, too many people rush to buy ads and acquire traffic to drive revenues by brute force,” says Tony Delmercado, co-founder and COO of Hawke Media. “Small efficiency improvements in conversion rates, email capture, and retargeting can pay huge dividends — tighten up the mouse trap first, then buy eyeballs. You’ll acquire and retain customers more cost-efficiently and keep money in your coffers for higher-risk marketing... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – The Art of Proofreading

You probably know the feeling of reading a text and being able to tell that not quite enough time has gone into checking things like grammar and spelling. This can be frustrating and often has quite a different effect on the reader than that which was intended.   In some ways, the task of proofreading becomes all the more time-consuming and complex for a translator. They have to check that the translation they have produced reads fluently, but they also need to check it against the source text to make sure that the correct meaning has been understood, and that parts of the text haven’t been missed out during the process of translating! Many translators like to leave their work aside for a day or two (sometimes even a week if possible!) in order to read their translation as a text that was originally written in the target language. This means that they will (hopefully) be less influenced by the source text that dominated their translation process, and have a fresh pair of eyes for spotting mistakes! It can often help to ask a native-speaking friend or colleague to take a look as well. Of course, a translator will then need to go back to the source text for a final check that the content has been accurately translated. This involves reading both texts as a whole to ensure that the meaning has been conveyed effectively, but also includes more tedious tasks like checking that numbers and dates match up (imagine translating 1.7 million people as 17 million people, for example!). Some proofreaders and translators even read texts backwards... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – A Brand is the Most Valuable Piece of Real Estate in the World

“Always remember: a brand is the most valuable piece of real estate in the world; a corner of someone’s mind” – John Hegarty Your primary competition is not a similar business down the street. Your primary competition are the barriers that consumers use the block marketing messages from their minds. Of the thousands of marketing messages that bombard consumer’s daily, less than one-hundred are absorbed. How can your message be assured of getting into the mind of your prospects? Only one form of advertising penetrates the mind and receives a verbal “thank you” as a response. PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT advertising, the presenting of a gift, gets the message into the mind of your prospect more effectively than any other type of advertising. Consider an upscale pen. It will guarantee your message stays at the top-of-mind for... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – Reasons Why Business Signs Work – Location

For a brick and mortar small business your sign is important as it acts like a  guidepost to guide customers to your place of business and attract the attention of new customers. If you are a new business, people driving by will be attracted to stop in and try your business. People moving to the area look for local businesses that they can start visiting. Source: Reasons Why Business Signs Work,  by Shashi... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – Direct Mail Response – Know your prospect and customer memory types

How often do your direct mail results end up not meeting your expectations? Does your direct mail resonate with your prospects and customers or fall flat? Do they understand and remember what you said? If not, you have a big problem. In order to avoid this, you need to be creating direct mail that resonates. Let’s take a look at what you can do to reach your maximum potential. First we will start with the four types of memory, because they are the key to understanding how to improve your direct mail: Early Bias — These are people who best remember the beginning messaging in a direct mail piece. It is important to get right to the point for these people. Recency Bias — These are people who best remember messaging that they most recently read at the end of your mail piece. It is important to restate your message at the end without calling it a summary. People skip over summaries. Repetitive Bias — These are people who best remember direct mail messages that are repeated. It is important to restate what you want them to remember at least three times. Outstanding Bias — These are people who best remember the part of your direct mail message that is different or stands out in some way. It is important to make the effort to reach these people by using out-of-the-box language. Where do you think you fall with these four memory types? I will reveal a secret; you should fall in more than one. So how can we use these memory biases to increase direct mail response? Main... read more