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MARKETING MONDAY – What’s your impression of impressions?

“What’s your impression of impressions?” -Rick Becker If you were doing a promotion with branded T Shirts, would you buy five-dollar shirts that shrink and fade after five washings or would you purchase fifteen-dollar shirts that would hold their shape and color up to 35 washings? The poor-quality shirt would cost you one-dollar per wearing and the good-quality shirt would cost you forty-two cents per wearing. If your recipients wore the cheap shirt once a month, it would last five months…but the quality shirt would last for nearly three years. ASI tells us that “shirts” receive 365 advertising impressions per month. A shirt lasting five months could receive 1,825 impressions. But the quality shirt could receive 12,775 impressions over its life expectancy…that’s impressive! Buying the expensive shirts will cost three times the cost of the poor-quality shirts. But, the cost per wearing of the quality shirt is less than half the cheap shirt and the cost per advertising impression is seven times less expensive with the quality... read more


A GREAT SIGN LEADS TO LONG-TERM SUCCESS Every major chain that exists today started out as a small business. These major chains realized early the power of great signs and graphics. It built their brand and evolved as they grew. Even McDonalds started out as a one-location burger place, and now we have the golden arches all over the world. You too have the potential to be a major player in your community and beyond. But, it all starts with a great sign. So what does your sign say about you?   Source International Sign... read more

15 Reasons Your Business Needs Online Reviews

Are you looking for ways to generate trust and increase sales? Want to know how online reviews can help? Broadly share the stats you need to know in this infographic. They break things down into the following categories: Reviews drive customers Reviews build trust You have to ask for them Reviews increase sales Check out the infographic for more... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – 5 Key Mail Piece Design Elements

5 Key Mail Piece Design Elements Images — These are extremely important. Images that are emotionally compelling work really well. Facial images stand out and our eyes are naturally drawn to them, so use faces if possible. You can also use images that are iconic and easily recognizable; our eyes and attentions are drawn to familiar images. You need to make sure that you are using images that are consistent with your brand and your message. Fonts — These are commonly overlooked in direct mail marketing. Not all fonts are the same. When you use interesting or unique fonts, you draw people in. Be careful about using too many different fonts. Your mail piece can look cluttered with too many fonts. The same goes for font sizes, try not to use more than three sizes throughout your mail piece. Layout — The layout of your mail piece is crucial to response rates. You need to make sure you include white space so that the layout is not cluttered and overwhelming. Images and concise copy need to flow together in sync with each other. Depending on the type of mail piece you may need more than one image, so make sure they work together and do not clash. Do not place wording over the top of images, it will be ignored. Copy — Keep in mind that people find it easier to read copy that starts on the outer left edge and reads into the center. They pay less attention to copy that starts in the center and reads to the right edge. Make sure you are concise and use common language without acronyms.... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – How to Post a Sign for the Observance of a Holiday

How to Post a Sign for the Observance of a Holiday We all need holidays, but closing your business to celebrate one may lose you customers. It’s vital, therefore, that you give them sufficient notice of your holiday plans. The signs you put up will reflect your attitude toward your customers. To ensure your customers feel valued and will continue to patronize your business, put some thought into your holiday notice, wording it carefully and printing it on good-quality paper. Things You’ll Need Good-quality card stock Printer   Step 1 Write down all the important information your sign needs to impart to your customers: dates (and times, if relevant) you’ll be closed, when you’ll reopen and the reason for the closing. Step 2 Compose your notice on a computer using a template such as those offered by Microsoft Word. Step 3 Add an appropriate holiday message to your customers, thanking them for their understanding about your business’s closure. This will let them know you appreciate them, even if the holiday isn’t one they celebrate. Step 4 Print out the message onto your card stock. Step 5 Place the sign somewhere it can be easily seen by your customers. Use one that can be seen from the outside of your front door and one that can be seen from the inside.   Source:  By Mary... read more

How to Improve the Performance of Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Clutch recently released a report where they surveyed over 380 employees who’d read business content within the last week. The report sought to discover how B2B audiences interact with business content online, and the findings illustrate the importance of SEO and content marketing, with notes that can be used to tweak or revise a B2B content marketing strategy. As any content marketer knows, strategies need thorough testing and analyzing. For those who have poor performing B2B content marketing campaigns, here are some key takeaways and advice based on the newly reported statistics on how B2B audiences behave. Revise website, blog, and social SEO strategy Marketers know that – though sometimes claimed otherwise – SEO is still very much alive, and forms a critical part of any campaign. For B2B marketers that aren’t seeing results, a first place to examine might be your SEO strategy. According to the report, B2B audiences most frequently encounter business-related content through search engines (87%) and social media (85%). Where companies place on page one of Google really matters, so it’s important to look at your keywords of focus, and ensure you rank for industry topics. Furthermore, social media is essential – even for B2B products. Three-fourths (75%) of B2B audiences frequently engage with business content on company websites – but they also have to find the company website first, which, again, underlines how critical SEO can be. Furthermore, according to Google, 89% of B2B buyers begin their purchasing process through search. The numbers show that B2B marketers that aren’t making an effort to get their company onto the first page of Google results for strategic... read more


If you haven’t gotten on the Anti-Targeting bandwagon, it’s not yet too late to turn your Occupant/Saturation business into the best ROI you’ve ever had. Commonly Asked Questions: What is Anti-Targeting? Anti-Targeting is used with Saturation lists, or in place of EDDM to maintain Saturation postage, while removing the worst prospects. What makes it different from traditional targeting?  With targeting, typically you are purchasing a Consumer list with specific demographics and are not as worried about overall postage. With Anti-Targeting, postage is still the most important factor in the list, but records are trimmed based on poor performing demographics. What is an example of Anti-Targeting?  With our Response Booster product, we can remove households in the bottom 5% of income in a zip, or households where everyone is 80+ in age. These are the two lowest performing demographics in terms of response rates. How does it compare to EDDM? Our clients have been using it to sell against EDDM because of its superior results. Also, Saturation with Response Boosters has a lower postage rate than EDDM. Source:  Mailer’s... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – High End Pens as Promotional Items

“Price is what you pay and value is what you get” –Warren Buffett Customers often ask, “What do your pens cost?” Pens come in all different price ranges and should be selected on your market and project.  Some of the pens with a higher price point may have a better  ROI than a value “throw away” pen. A quality higher priced pen that is guaranteed to last for generations for example, will be used for two generations or fifty years. A pen creates 363 advertising impressions each month or 4,356 impressions per year or 217,800 impressions over the 50 years. So an average high end pen would cost $.00006 cents per impression….the lowest cost per impression in the industry. Think of a high end pen for your next... read more

MARKETING MONDAY- Why Your Business Needs to Consider a Website Redesign

Is your business website due for a refresh? We’re now in the last part of 2018, with 2019 just around the corner, so it could be the exact right time to start considering your next strategic update. If a website refresh had crossed your mind, this infographic from Empirical Designs might help. In it, the ED team outline a range of considerations in relation to why you might need to change things up. Here’s a quick summary of the key considerations: Your website looks outdated Your website lacks mobile functionality Your website loads slowly Your website creates a poor user experience Your website is not converting visitors into leads Your website is not secure Your website lacks features that give you flexibility and control Your website lacks a content marketing strategy Your website needs to match your branding Check out the infographic for more... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – How to Use Direct Mail in the Modern Marketing Mix

Far from dead, direct mail marketing gets a higher response rate than it did more than a decade ago. Here’s how marketers can take advantage​. Many marketers have long awaited the death of direct mail. Surely it couldn’t last much longer, they thought; after all, smartphones, video marketing and social media have all become vastly popular. Why would consumers still want to get physical mail? Neil O’Keefe, senior vice president of marketing and content at the Data & Marketing Association, says that marketers began questioning direct mail’s endurance in 2007. That year, Statista reports that smartphone sales jumped 70% from the previous year to $8.7 billion. At the same time, the volume of mail sent through the U.S. Postal Service began to plummet: In 2006, people in the U.S. sent 213.1 billion pieces of mail, according to USPS; by 2017, they were sending 149.5 billion pieces each year, a 29.9% decline. By this point, smartphone sales had reached $55.6 billion. The price of postage and paper had skyrocketed, as did the number of internet users—everything seemed to hammer a nail into direct mail’s coffin. But a strange thing has happened in marketing: Direct mail response rates have risen in the past 10 years. The DMA’s 2017 Response Rate Report finds that the response rate for mail sent to people on house lists (subscribers who opted in to mail) was 5.1% for the year, and the response rate for prospect lists (potential clients) was 2.9%. These numbers are up from 2003, when house lists drew a response of 4.4% and prospect lists a response of 2.1%. And even though online... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – American Made Products

“Given a choice between a product made in the U.S. and…one made abroad, 78 percent of Americans would rather buy American.”  -Survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center. Ask your Promotional Product Specialist to show you American Made Products. Sometimes they may have a higher price point but keep these points in mind. ·     Helps create and keep jobs while maintaining a strong economy ·     Provides reliable safety and compliance measures ·     Reduces the US trade deficit and reduces borrowing from foreign countries ·     Allows for shorter delivery times and savings in shipping and customs ·     Provides better quality control, allowing a high level of guarantee ·     Maintains high-level environmental pollution controls ·     Displays your patriotism and pride, creating goodwill with gift... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – Do Outside Billboards Work?

Do Outside Billboards Work? Forbes study showed that 71% of us “often look at the messages on roadside billboards (traditional and digital combined) and more than one-third (37%) report looking at an outdoor ad each or most of the time they pass one.” As to exactly what information we are gleaning from a billboard varies as according to the study more than half of billboard viewers aged 18 or older have… Learned about an event they were interested in attending (58%) Learned about a restaurant they later visited (58%) Talked about something funny they saw (56%) on a roadside billboard Been reminded to tune into a TV program (33%) or a radio station (44%) Noted a phone number (26%) or Web site address (28%) written on an outdoor... read more