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MARKETING MONDAY – Physical advertisements have a pronounced effect on consumer decision-making

Study The U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General partnered with the Center for Neural Decision Making at Temple University’s Fox School of Business to study the power of print and digital advertisements. Together, they found participants spent more time with physical advertisements, showed more desire for a product seen in print and were more stimulated by physical ads than by their digital counterparts. The Results Physical advertisements were proven to have more influence than digital ads in a number of ways. Not only did participants spend more time with physical ads, they also remembered them more quickly and confidently. Physical ads also elicited a stronger emotional response than their digital counterparts and, overall, had a longer-lasting impact. This means physical ads are particularly effective in two stages of the consumer journey: exposure to information and retrieval of information. Conclusion What does this mean for marketing decision-makers? A few things. Digital media is both cost-effective and the fastest way to communicate an idea to customers. Stakeholders should use these digital ads when looking to gain attention and quickly deliver their message. However, print materials like direct mail, billboards and magazine ads have a more pronounced emotional effect on consumers. Both mediums have their advantages. The most effective campaigns will use both in combination to create the most potent marketing mix.   Source: United States Postal... read more


I am always getting the questions about Set Up Charges.  Let me take this opportunity to explain set up charges. The set up charge is what the manufacturer charges to make the plate to imprint your branded product. Think of it as a stencil. The “stencil” is created for the design/wording you selected for your promotional product. It is made for the specific size  of the item to be imprinted so virtually every product could have different requirements for the imprint area and thus a different “stencil”. If you are adding multiple colors to the imprint, a separate stencil would have to be made for each of those colors. That is why there may be multiple set up charges for a single product. As more and more customers are wanting full color imprints, we are starting to see some different options that allow for full color imprinting without multiple set up charges.  Talk to your Professional Promotional Product Specialist  to discuss your needs and options. Here is an example of an item that can have a full color imprint. The full color item has a bit higher per piece price than the one color but the set up charge is the same.... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – Marketing Terms

Does “marketing speak” sound like a foreign language to you? Not sure what terms like on-page SEO, call to action, long tail keywords, responsive and bounce rate mean? Take a look at this informative HubSpot article on marketing terms that not only defines each term, but also offers some helpful resources in case you want to learn about them in more depth and what they mean.... read more

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