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MARKETING MONDAY – Creating Effective Direct Mail

Here are three basic considerations in creating effective direct mail: 1. Economize Words The way we use the internet has changed (and will continue to change) the way we interact with information, particularly when it comes to the written word. In short, we don’t like to read more than absolutely necessary. The best direct marketers recognize and react to this, addressing each and every sentence of copy by asking one simple question: Is this sentence absolutely crucial to our point/pitch? If the answer is “No,” cut it. Economizing your written content has two main benefits. The first is forcing your team to be clear and concise with their message, capturing your audience’s attention and capitalizing quickly. The second important benefit is all about the design: Fewer words look better on a page and the available space opens up doors for your design team to do their best work. 2. Prioritizing Graphics/Infographics Direct mail -offers two mediums of communication: words and images. In 2019, direct mail will lean even more heavily toward the latter. This means your focus (if it isn’t already) should be graphic design, particularly infographics that convey complex information with as little copy as possible. As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words–and an infographic-heavy offering is a great way to save your audience from having to read. 3. Carefully Considering the Physical Product While the first two points intermingle aesthetic with capitalizing on your audience’s attention span, this one is all about getting your audience’s attention by setting your offering apart. While many focus heavily on the images and copy, perhaps the single best way to get your offering into the hands and minds of your audience is to play with the physical space your mailer occupies. Consider... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – In With The New, But Not “Out With The Old”

In With The New, But Not “Out With The Old” As you choose which direction to take with your business signs for 2019, remember: Updating branding doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the previous one, and it can even be brought back when the time is right. Who knows, your brand update might involve bringing back an old look that customers miss dearly – after all, nostalgia is in these days. Overall, these changes help keep things interesting and put a different spin on the original, taking the established elements into fresh directions. By accepting and flowing with these changes, the brand – both its latest incarnation and its vintage styles – is preserved and enriched. For auld lang syne, as the song goes. And as always, we’ll be here to help you push your brand to new territories, new customers… and new years! Site Forbes and Chris O’Connell Premium Sign... read more

MARKETING MONDAY – What’s your impression of impressions?

“What’s your impression of impressions?” -Rick Becker If you were doing a promotion with branded T Shirts, would you buy five-dollar shirts that shrink and fade after five washings or would you purchase fifteen-dollar shirts that would hold their shape and color up to 35 washings? The poor-quality shirt would cost you one-dollar per wearing and the good-quality shirt would cost you forty-two cents per wearing. If your recipients wore the cheap shirt once a month, it would last five months…but the quality shirt would last for nearly three years. ASI tells us that “shirts” receive 365 advertising impressions per month. A shirt lasting five months could receive 1,825 impressions. But the quality shirt could receive 12,775 impressions over its life expectancy…that’s impressive! Buying the expensive shirts will cost three times the cost of the poor-quality shirts. But, the cost per wearing of the quality shirt is less than half the cheap shirt and the cost per advertising impression is seven times less expensive with the quality... read more


A GREAT SIGN LEADS TO LONG-TERM SUCCESS Every major chain that exists today started out as a small business. These major chains realized early the power of great signs and graphics. It built their brand and evolved as they grew. Even McDonalds started out as a one-location burger place, and now we have the golden arches all over the world. You too have the potential to be a major player in your community and beyond. But, it all starts with a great sign. So what does your sign say about you?   Source International Sign... read more

15 Reasons Your Business Needs Online Reviews

Are you looking for ways to generate trust and increase sales? Want to know how online reviews can help? Broadly share the stats you need to know in this infographic. They break things down into the following categories: Reviews drive customers Reviews build trust You have to ask for them Reviews increase sales Check out the infographic for more... read more

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